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Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel is a French Sculptor living in New York.

She creates sensitive sculptures to share her life's insights, shaped by her experiences across France, Indonesia, Russia, India, and the US. She believes in the power of personal transformation and challenges routines and patterns through her art. Exploring the connection between body and mind, she experiments with materials, forging unique techniques to express her journey of self-discovery.

To her, freedom involves learning, and excitement lies in uncovering her unique path through materials. Shaping, bending, grinding, modeling, and casting are the organic results of her exploration of life.

Having exhibited intensively over the last seven years in New York at art fairs, private events, and group exhibitions, she has been collaborating with the gallery Insight Art Space since 2023.

The Art Students League and the National Association of Woman Artists awarded her respectively in 2019 and 2022 for her sculptures "Past-Present" in pewter and "Concentration" in steel and resin.

Bio: Parcours
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